About Me

I am a husband to Trea, father to Taitum and Tessa. I live in beautiful southern Oregon.  I have a Bachelor of Science from Corban University, and a M.A. in Leadership from Western Seminary.  In my spare time I enjoy reading, rafting, and cycling.  If you would like to contact me, do so at travisconnick@gmail.com


4 responses to “About Me

  1. Debbie Conley

    Great Job Trav: I look forward to reading more messages. I think God is truly giving you good things to say.

    Again, great job on the Wednesday night sermons while Rick was in Italy.

    You’re awesome.

    Blessings, Deb

  2. Rocky Miner

    Great idea Travis. Keep up the great work.

  3. Brian Henderson

    Hey Trav,
    Long time no see. How is Al? Its nice that you’ve found redemption.

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