The Gospel Effect…

In Servant Magazine this past month this short article caught my eye.

While covering a disaster story in central Africa, seasoned CBC journalist Brian Stewart made an emergency refueling stop and were greated by a cheerful Christian minister offering tea.  Recalls Stewart, “My veteran cameraman later sighed in exasperation, ‘Do you think you could ever get us to a story, somewhere, anywhere wehre those Christians aren’t there first.’ Stewart admits: “I was never able to…I’ve never reached a war zone, famine or crisis anywhere where some church organization was not there long before me…laboring heroically during the crisis and long after all the media and visiting celebrities have gone.”  When Stewart and the BBC’s Michael Buerk first broke the story of the great Ethiopian famine, the world reacted and TV was credited for saving millions.  But Stewart acknowledges, “We went because for months church…groups on the ground had seen famine coming and had been beseeching the world to take notice…Christian work on the frontlines infects those around them, even those who are not Christian, with a sense of Christ’s deep mystery and power.  I’ve felt it. It changes the world.”

Servant Magazine, issue 81, pg. 9

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  1. This is a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.

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