Tough Situation Turned Good

In Acts 4, you can find it here.  Peter and John are arrested, and brought before the Sanhedrin.  The Sanhedrin is composed of the high priest, and seventy of the most powerful people in Peter and John’s world.  The Sanhedrin formed a semi-circle around Peter and John and started firing questions at them.  The situation for Peter and John could not look more bleak.  They probably thought that they were at best going to jail, and at worst, death.  And yet this whole situation that started out looking really bad, turned quite good.  Peter and John were on trial before the same people that sent Jesus to Pilate for crucifixion.  Satan meant all of this for evil, yet before the day was over, look at what the Lord does.

1. Two thousand more men come to faith in Jesus Christ, probably four to six thousand more when you add women and children (4:4).

2. Peter relied upon the Holy Spirit to guide his words before the Sanhedrin (4:8).

3. Peter preaches Jesus to the leaders of the Jews (4:10-12).

4. Peter and John grow bolder for Jesus, than they had been before (4:13).

5. The Sanhedrin (who didn’t believe in the supernatural) actually confirm that a miracle has been done in Jesus’ name (4:14, 16).

6. God is glorified (4:21).

You know we get thrown into tough situations and sometimes we think, “This cannot turn out for the good” and yet if we trust the Lord, rely upon His Spirit, if we tell of Jesus’ work, then God will be glorified, we will be strengthened for the next situation, and the Lord will use all of it for His purposes!


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2 responses to “Tough Situation Turned Good

  1. Justine Lyon

    Nicely worded Trav. Very true and insightful.

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